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Inclusivity, accountability, transparency, value, adaptability and willingness to both listen and learn.


We recognise that each client, client group or area is unique and as such need tailored solutions to address their priorities and concerns, our team is able to draw on a melting pot of experiences and capacity with which to operate and succeed.

Through experience and know-how, we are able to establish an Managed Area or take over the management of an existing or established Managed Area.

Within our Managed Areas, we promote inclusivity and ensure that all members of the Managed Area, no matter how small their contribution, is given a voice and attention to matters of importance to them.

Our approach encourages partnership with our clients and recognises that effective Managed Areas require an integration between the needs of the individual properties and the public space.

We go beyond just ensuring the space is safe and clean and work with our clients to identify, create or develop alignments that increase the activity, usership, confidence or intrigue about their areas, depending on specific needs and priorities.



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Most Managed Areas are registered as Not-for-Profit Companies (NPC). The NPC would have a Board of directors elected by the members constituting either stakeholders, businesses and property owners. Our team would undertake the following activities in initiating a new NPC.

  • Scoping of site / area

  • Site mapping

  • Survey of possible members / stakeholders

  • Facilitation of stakeholder workshops

  • Develop business plan / operating model

  • Sourcing of service providers for soft services

  • Corporate governance

    • Establishment of NPC

    • Registration of Directors

    • Opening of bank account

Managed Area Establishment
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The NPC of a Managed Area would have a non-executive Board, as such our team provides the day to management of the precinct on behalf of the Board. The possible scope is identified by the service offerings below.

  • Implement Business Plan

  • Secretarial functions

    • Meeting facilitation

    • Meeting minutes and resolutions

    • Annual AGM

    • Filing and information storage

    • CIPC filing / compliance

  • Membership Management

    • Develop and maintain database

    • Communication / Correspondence

    • Liaise and engage members on issues

    • New membership

  • Special Projects

    • Coordinate / Manage

    • Provide feedback to the Board

Precinct Management
Financial Management
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We are able to offer the following financial management services:

• Monthly invoicing of levies and collections

• Monthly financial management packs
• Audit preparation and facilitation
• VAT calculations and submissions

• SARS related queries

• Payroll

We put protocols and measures in place to ensure transparency and ensuring that fraud and the theft of money does not occur.

Compliance is at the foundation of our accounting services.

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  • Precinct brand identification and development

  • Creation and management of all social media associated with the precinct

  • Liaison with tenants within the precinct for social media content and promotion

  • Physical branding of the precinct for brand identification

Marketing Management
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We understand that it is critically important that our Boards and Members are aware of the services and operations on the ground, provided by their Managed Area.

As such reporting is an essential part of our operational solution incorporating technology to improve the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of services being provided. Our team uses the Incident Desk platform to capture, log and track the activities on the ground; providing accurate and live reporting.

Operational Management

Services include:

  • Suppliers

    • Procurement / Tender

    • SLA / Supplier Contract Management

    • Deployment / Scope adjustment

  • Service delivery (Local Authority)

    • Logging, tracking and escalation of service issues

    • Engagement with service departments / MoEs to address bottlenecks

    • Reporting, tracking and escalation of By Law issues

  • Reporting

    • Services conducted by suppliers

    • Service issue log

    • Stats of incidents reported

    • Other activities on site where applicable

  • Members / Engagement

    • ​Liaising with members on site

    • Communication on chat platforms

    • Database of operational operators on site for coordination and collaboration

    • Partnership forums where applicable (i.e. CPF, etc.)

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