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We are a young dynamic proudly South African company, with relationship development and service delivery at our core. Our passion lies in identifying and resolving urban management and public space challenges throughout the Republic of South Africa, that require private sector intervention.

Together with our specialised team, we strive to achieve better tenancy and tenant retention for the property owners by safeguarding against urban degradation and optimising opportunities and activation within our Managed Areas, building and sustaining a desirable sense of place.

Our approach looks at the servicing and improvement of the public and in-between spaces around properties, as part of an extension of the independent buildings, safety, cleaning and management. If tenants and customers cannot safely arrive at the property, then they won’t visit the site.

Our experience as place makers, urban managers and service providers has taught us that sustainable city building is not about isolated destinations of excellence, but rather about the journey through a vibrant and secure precinct connecting an array of uses, attractions and opportunities!


Our operational strategies are developed by assessing key issues and concerns within an area, identifying service partners (security, cleaning, landscaping, etc.) that operate effectively within those environments and developing tailor made, cost effective operational solutions to implement change and bring to life the vision and potential of the Managed Area.

To work within the public space a robust relationship with key stakeholders, businesses and the local authority or municipal government is critical. To this end our team engages and partners actively at various levels to monitor, collaborate and prioritise service delivery within our areas, to ensure that the true potential of an area is realised.  

As precinct managers we work to infuse innovation and sustainability into each of our Managed Areas, to drive economic opportunities, create a symbiotic environment for all residents and uplift communities.

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To conquer adversity, one needs to see beyond the limitations placed before you. The upliftment of a City requires a change in thinking, a deviation from the norm and extreme optimism.

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